Thick Paint

May 2, 2015

And sometimes I simply want to throw paint thickly onto a surface and see how it looks. Why not?

Still Life with Onions. Oil on canvas. Marina Kim


And play with the colours.

Still Life with Dandelions in a Puter Jug

Dandelions in a Puter Jug

And with the shadows and the light.

Still life with Daffodils by artist Marina Kim


And not to think.

Still life with Tulips in a Jar by artist Marina Kim

Tulips in a Jar

And not to care about the objects of my attention but use them as an excuse to throw paint onto a surface.

Still life "Posy in a Tea Pot" by artist Marina Kim

Posy in a Tea Pot

And not to explain anything to anyone… At all. Like words never even existed.

So, digging myself out of an artist’s “block” is a full time job. I seem to be doing that more often than doing the actual art. I find, it helps to get to simple objects and a format and material I know. At least, it takes away a lot of decision-making…

Still Life With Cheese and Wine

Stilton and Port

More of the Same

More of the Same

More Cheese, Anyone?..

The simpler – the better.

Milk Jug and Camelia Again

Milk Jug and Camelia Again

…at some point, one might even find oneself enjoying oneself…

Still life with Camelia by Marina Kim

Milk Jug and Camelia

…then, possibly, one is rather pleased…

Still Life With Jugs And Camelia

Jugs and Camelia

One wants to press on and pin down something elusive starting to emerge on the canvas…

Still Life by Marina Kim

Jugs and Three Grapes

That’s the moment when ideas start coming… Words “simplify, simplify” flatter about one’s head. Minimalism, spaciousness, white…

One leaves the studio late and wants to rush back early the next morning… Of course, the next morning, inevitably, something happens which prevents one from getting to the studio, creating, implementing. Things like chores, visitors, emergencies and so forth, tumble down, followed by another big slab of artist’s “block”.

Then, I finally manage to go to the studio to stare at the wall and try to dig myself from under it again.