I am every blade of grass
On the lawn you walk upon,

I am every drop of dew
Bathing your naked skin.

(First draft)
I am every blade of grass
On the lawn upon which you walk
With bare feet.

I am every drop of dew
Kissing your naked skin.


A Tale about Difference

March 19, 2009

18 February 2009


In my dream, a succession of events brought me to realisation, that I am in an altered state of mind.


I was at the vet’s. With a flower?.. With memories about a dog?.. The vet was someone I knew, but couldn’t place. The place was somewhere I knew, but it was cleaner and the furniture got changed about. By saying “furniture” I mostly mean a huge white bath, a sink and a chair. There must have been a table, which was meant to be an operating table, although it looked like an ordinary dining one. I must have addressed him with my problem. He said: – “Operate!”, and I placed the object I came with on the table and walked out into the waiting room. Read the rest of this entry »