The Need for Control

May 6, 2011

Seems to me that the need for control is one of the fundamental needs of human being.
Beyond the desire to be safe and belonging… Actually, all the stages of the Maslow’s pyramid of human needs requires one’s control, or perhaps based on the desire to control one’s own circumstances.

Safety – need to control the conditions for safety
belonging – need to control and provide the conditions for belonging to be possible, like having a group, and making sure the relatioships are stable.

.. Creativity. Now, this one is pure controlling level. One needs to be in control of something. Total control. The best way to achieve it is actually by CREATING something which you’d be in total control of. Otherwise, there is always a conflict over who should be in control.

The famous quotations about control by artists and other creatives.

Picasso said (life with Picasso) artist must control the painting. He was in total control of his life as  much as it is humanly possible, and his controlling personality created very narrow and special conditions for people who could be around him.

That isn’t good for bringing up children though. You must let them roam free. In order to be able to do that without frustration yourself into assilym, get creative, find other things to get total control of, channel your desire to control into other routes.

Different styles of being in control:
Soft sleuth (grey cardinals)
Ideological leadership, inspirational leadership
Combination of the three.

Necessity of control.
Masses always want a leader. They want to be UNDER control. Why? BEcause of the lack of direction inherent in the masses and majority of individuals.

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The channel for higher self.

“We realise.. being that we are children, we are not grown in our our own level of maturity. So aspect of your own being are being created for you. But you yourself will grow in greater consiousness and greater control  eventually having full creative power over all you experiencing.

Wonderful TED talk on leadership. New type of leadership on the example of Google company. This is a great brief and concise instruction manual on how to bring up new type of leaders or become one with least effort and most effectively! Very inspiring.