For the connoisseurs of all things pickled: perhaps you’d enjoy to know about a famous Korean pickle – kimchi.

Kimchi: Korean pickled cabbage.

A dish of Korean kimchi. Yum!

Tim sent me a link to a BBC article about it today. Blatant Korean propaganda, especially the bit about kimchi made in China not having got quite the bacterial bouquet of the kimchi made in Korea due to the temperature and humidity difference and blah-di-blah… Yet I approve of the general stance – kimchi is GOOD FOR THE WORLD!

Kimchi Festival in Gwangju, Korea.

Kimchi Festival in Gwangju, Korea.

It is yummy, although very spicy and stinky – both: long term and long distance! It is also extremely good for you as a source of vitamins, micro elements and beneficial bacteria. Really, really! 


green kimchi


It might be the only thing still holding the North Korea together…

Large jarKimchi Festival in Gwangju, Korea.s containing kimchi.

A Kimchi Yard.

Amongst my favourite food channels on Youtube, there is a Korean lady Maangchi who has instructions on a variety of kimchi. This is a link to a proper Chinese cabbage and radish kimchi recipes, but I’d recommend a cucumber kimchi recipe as an easier and more appealing one to have a go at for a beginner ;-).

Cucumber kimchi

Cucumber kimchi

I hope you enjoy the links, if not for the food (it might look a bit too exotic for some!), then for the presenter herself. I find her so cute and delicious, that if she ate a bowl of worms in front of the camera, it would look the most delectable food ever, and while she was at it, I’d start munching on the bits of my immediate environment with a transfixed and happy gaze. And then I’d eat her too!



… not that I am trying to get you hooked on her channel or Korean food at all!

PS. All this time while writing this post and getting the pictures and sorting out the SEO stuff, I’ve been SALIVATING like a rabid dog! You’ve got no i-d-e-a… KIMCHI!!! And I haven’t got any in my fridge! Aaaarrgggggg!…

Empty fridge cartoon