I had this uneasy feeling again and decided to do something constructive about it.

Step one: Identify what caused that feeling.

To help with that, think back to the time when it first appeared. Then, think what exactly caused it – someone’s remark, or action, or some event. Then, think what it made you feel like, or what negative thought that thing evoked in you.

Step two: Breath deliberately.

Concentrate on getting your body, especially brain, oxygenated (but not hyperventilated!)

Step three: Take action.

Whatever that event or thought was, take action to minimise the impact of it. If it’s an event with possible negative consequences, think how you can reduce the harm and take steps to do it. If it is a thought which caused you grief, analyse what makes it negative and think how you can turn it into a positive thought.

Step four: Let go.

Now, decide whether the action you took is all you can do at the moment. If the answer is positive, let go of the whole thing and go do something else. If the answer is negative, repeat steps 1-4.

Q: How do I know if what I did is enough?

A: You’ll know because the uneasy feeling is gone.

It worked!

Just thought that sometimes people live with those uneasy feelings lingering for years!..