Boy in the Dunes

July 27, 2009

Yesterday Jee Yeon and I with the kids spent part of the afternoon at Karen and Peter’s under the pretext to look at the chickens. Kids had a great time in the swimming pool, while we chatted on a very Mediterranean looking terrace, with the flag-stoned court and huge views over the valley.

The Mediterranean feel was accentuated by eating a watermelon, the remnants of which we fed to the chickens. They weren’t terribly impressed with that. The bread  crusts went down much better.

Children were like little puppies, so sweet and lovable, with Ollie transcending into the stage of a touch older and danglier one. Jee Yeon keeps saying, how she doesn’t want them to grow up. This Sunday we went for a walk in a Fairlight Country Park (I think on the other end of the park they call it Hastings Country Park). We were walking along the path, and the four of them went in an indian file, brandishing sticks and chanting some made up song. Jee Yeon followed, then I. She said: “Oh, They are so cute! I don’t want them to grow up! Of course, Jiang Mi and Eva can produce one (child) each…” To which I said in a commanding tone “Children, as soon as you grow up, you have to quickly make some babies, so that Jee Yeon and I don’t get bored!” They ignored us on the account of being busy.

Two years ago I painted a portrait of Ollie, Peter and Karen’s son, and forgot to take a photo of it. Karen e-mailed it to me today.

Portrait of Ollie Spencer jumping from the dune on Camber Sands.

Ollie Spencer

I asked Karen, if she’d help me out with my “corporate identity”, as I am really struggling. The logo, the brochure, the stationery – all is in odd bits and not particularly attractive pieces. I need to bring it all together somehow, but am suffering from lack of vision in this matter. I need a professional!!! Which is Karen Wilks. One of my recent mental agendas is appreciation. Like sticking my head a little out of a family nut shell and having a look around. And having had a little look around, finding all these wonderful people doing wonderful things, as well as coping with the madness of the contemporary life style, which includes:- barring one-self and one’s children from the abundance of the harmful substances being shoved at one from all directions, while with the other hand pushing the unnecessary and/or harmful stuff at the others;- finding the best possible way to bring up and educate one’s children out of a multitude of old and proven harmful or dubious new recipes;- packing, buying, unpacking, recycling by means of packing into other packaging, or throwing out as is various unnecessary stuff;- making sure that the goods and money move in a continuous rigorous flow for the survival of our civilization;- and so on…Yes… I am learning to appreciate us, people.