Vibrational Capital Dream

February 1, 2014

Last night I had another of my fable-dreams.

dream interpretation

“It’s that same dream, where I’m drowning in a bowl of noodles.”

I am receiving a payment for a portrait commission, and I seem to be remembering that it was Will I Am who commissioned me (Wow!!! Wouldn’t it be cool!!!). The payment is in cash, £18000. I feel really pleased and excited to have all this money, which is wrapped loosely in three newsprint bundles.

I have one or two (can’t remember, or perhaps the number varied from moment to moment) male partners with me. I share my joy and excitement with them and there is a slight feeling of wanting to see them joyous with me/for me and pleased with me/for me. I guess this is something I am internally working with at this time – wanting to please others.

The money seem to go to the group pot, meaning – we share it.

Then, we are in a street, standing by a car, ready to leave. Another car approaches and a man comes out. He and my partner(s) get embroiled in an argument. There is an understanding that this is an ongoing affair – it started sometime ago and not likely to end soon. They shout at each other and it is looking to get really violent. I am rushing to my partner to talk him out of this conflict, pulling at his sleeve, but he is ignoring me. I feel a bit scared, but more than that, I feel anxious that I will loose my money which at this moment got tossed aside and lying on the side of the road by some bushes.

I realise that my attempts to stop the fight are futile and I’d be better off to take care of money and leave them to it.

At this point in my dream, I am half-dreaming, at the same time conscious. I don’t want to leave the dream in this unresolved state, so I make a decision to stir it towards a positive conclusion. In my dream, I get the money bundles (making sure not to attract too much attention of the quarrelling people) and get into the car. Lock the doors. I sitting in the car and thinking, perhaps it would be even better to run away from this place all together…

Here the dream ends, somewhere between me sitting inside a locked car and me dashing out and away to where there are buildings and people. In any case, I feel my intention/decision: I’ve got the money. I am relatively safe.

I relayed my dream to Tim. He wasn’t sure what was the meaning of it I was so excited about. So, I had to explain the symbolism of it the way I saw it at that time:

Lately I am getting somewhere positive with my work on directing my vibrational/emotional state. Those who are familiar with the teachings of Abraham Hicks and Bashar or The Secret will understand what I am talking about. I guess, the majority of the students of these teachings at some point feel really frustrated by feeling “being stuck”, not getting much beyond theory of it all. But then it comes. Gradually, slowly  it gets better, and that’s where I feel I am now – first steps out of the fog.

I see the money I got for the commission as a symbol of my emotional/vibrational capital. I worked hard for it, I earned it. This is my security, my reward, my stability. My gold I pined for. I am in partnership with some other persons and I accept that we share my wages, or in other words, we share our emotional/vibrational wealth. But then the conflict happens, and they are focused on it and hence, are about to loose our (at that stage it is “our”) money.

There are two options for me here – to get dragged into this stale and stupid affair for the sake of some perceived ties ( read: partnership, friendship, love, loyalty), or cut all of that out, claim the money, i.e. my vibrational capital, for myself and retreat to a place of safety.

In my border-state of awakenness I am sort of aware of the symbolism of the dream and I decide to give it a happy ending. Of course, a happy ending is a matter of perspective too. From a point of view of a certain set of values, a happy ending would be to forget the money, get into the fight, save the mate and walk into the sunset drugging the bloodied bloke on one’s shoulder. Love triumphs. So, it is interesting, but not eye-opening, to see what I myself see as a happy ending.

The way the dream ends I see as another dilemma which I am still undecided about – whether to sit it out in a car, although basically stick with the guys, or to make a runner altogether. Now, post-factum, I’d rather leg it.

Points I like about this dream:

  • I have a vibrational capital!
  • I made a decision to be free from self-imposed bonds!
  • I once again experienced linking dream-state and awake-state!

Seeker and Useless

May 5, 2011

The Seeker asked the Useless:
What’s your use? You are useless!
That’s my use – being useless, – said he. – How else would you find your generosity?

“What a fool! Useless fool!” – thought the Seeker and rushed off in search of use he can bring to the world, while the Useless remained there, under a tree, in idleness.

Marina Kim

Marina Kim original prints. "Generosity"


Stories have many layers. Recently, I realised that the meanings of my dreams revealed to me in layers, in time. Same goes for artworks and stories.

Creativity is like dreaming aloud, or dreaming materially.

A layer of this story openned up to me right now: don’t be affraid to be useless.

A Tale about Difference

March 19, 2009

18 February 2009


In my dream, a succession of events brought me to realisation, that I am in an altered state of mind.


I was at the vet’s. With a flower?.. With memories about a dog?.. The vet was someone I knew, but couldn’t place. The place was somewhere I knew, but it was cleaner and the furniture got changed about. By saying “furniture” I mostly mean a huge white bath, a sink and a chair. There must have been a table, which was meant to be an operating table, although it looked like an ordinary dining one. I must have addressed him with my problem. He said: – “Operate!”, and I placed the object I came with on the table and walked out into the waiting room. Read the rest of this entry »


February 7, 2009

I am reading a book at the moment.

Yes, I know,  it’s not unusual… Yeah, yeah…

So, I am reading this book at the moment – “… Oh, forgot the title. It’s by Judith Orloff. She is a psychic and a psychologist at the same time, which makes her experience kind of more credible. To me, anyway.

Yes. And yesterday there was this bit about the dreams. The meaning etc. I decided finally to give a go to recording my dreams on a regular (more or less) basis.

The recommended method with the dreams is to ask a question, or program yourself to have a dream on a certain topic, so that you can receive the wisdom through it, before you fall asleep. Then, when you wake up, it is best to record it ASAP, because the chances are – you’ll forget. It might be not too important, but then again, on some occasions it might be life saving.

Yesterday my plan was to have a healing kind of dream. The question was “what is this pain I am having lately in my spine, and what am I to do about it”. I suspect, somewhere along the line my subconscious reprogrammed itself for s more exciting entertainment. I guess it didn’t think much of my health agenda, and decided to go for an action movie instead. As usual.

There were two dreams. In the first one I kept rewinding and trying various methods of solving the problem presented in the dream. I am being overcharged in the cafe. When I find that the bill is far too high, I point it out to the owner, she realises the mistake and promises to sort it. She offers me to return back in a few minutes while she is dealing with it. I say “OK” and go outside with the girls, leaving my card behind on the counter. I do it intentionally, trusting her to do her job in an honest way. Maybe more to the point, not wanting to hurt her feelings by doing otherwise.

When we come back, it turns out that she confused our bill with the other party’s one. They’ve already paid MY bill and gone. I am her only chance to get her money to the full. I am naturally outraged and show it. She is very upset and almost begs me to pay the someone else’s much bigger bill, because she can’t get money her from them now. At this point I think: “Hang on. Is it wise to shout here? Maybe the best strategy would be to be kind of a naive and trusting type, vulnerable, needing looking after?” So, I rewind to the moment when the problem arises and start again in my new image.

“No. Won’t work, ” –  think I. First of all, it was my own mistake to leave the card behind with people, who already showed improper behaviour by overcharging me. That was very stupid. Anything could be done with the card while I was out – information recorded, good bought – the lot! Start again, and keep being angry and pushy and outraged. I rewind and resume the angry scenario…

At this point I think I woke up. Probably didn’t find the right solution and gave up on the whole situation. However, it was an interesting exercise an two aspects – rewinding the dream (which I am not doing the first time), and the dealing with the situation itself. I am NOT going to leave my card laying about anywhere any more!

The second dream was about me trying to find my car, which I parked somewhere on the street, as one does. I am on a bicycle. The area is rather hilly and very busy. I am circling round and round with no success. I meet a friend of mine. He is nice, friendly, jumps on the boot behind me. It is getting heavier to ride the bike. We go up and down, round and round. The streets are packed with the parked cars. at the bottom of yet another hill he offers to take my place, and I am glad to swap. I am taking a ride now and feeling better. However, I am loosing hope to find the car. We cycle along, and on the sides of the road we are I can see several cars parked really recklessly, crashed into each other, and actually on top of each other. I marvel at that. We ask someone for help or direction. She says, that I must have left it with someone. There are new people, Koreans, leaving in the neighbourhood… At this point I remember! Of course, I left my car with the very nice people in the yard, as they could see I didn’t find anywhere to park and offered me to help. And I recollect the episode in my dream, which at the same time appears to me as if I remembered it from the dream I had previously (curious!). I say to my friend;”I know exactly where my car is now!” and off we go to pick it up. The end.

At some moment during the day, the meaning of the second dream came to me. I thought: “Oh, yes!” But now, I don’t remember what that was… Never mind!

Watch the sequel tonight!