Charter Cities

June 10, 2011

These would be one of the most impressive sketchbooks I witnessed in my life.

Jonathan Harris. Sketchbooks


– Well, it’s a tough question.
– Why?
– I haven’t got a mirror big enough to embrace all of me, and without being able to see myself how am I going to form my style? Can we switch the topic now?
– Gotcha! You are wriggling now! Painful, uncomphortable?
– Ok, then. Bring it on! In three months time you’ll see what I have to say about my personal style!
– Deal!

– But I am not doing what she’s doing. Even though I admire the idea and the presenter!

Came upon a Youtube channel by Levi Strauss. Like it! First of, a clip about an artist making paper out of denim. And what she does doesn’t matter as much as her life outlook. Find it very helpful, especially for me with my impatience, which is actually subsiding somewhat lately…

Cowboy Jokes

May 7, 2011

A cowboy is asked:
– Why did you decide to jump into that thorn bush?
– I thought It’s gonna be OK.

Did you laugh?
I thought so much.

Years ago it made me laugh for three days non-stop. People asked me why I was laughing and I told them the joke. It was invariably met with silence.

That joke doesn’t make me laugh today. I still remember the reason why it used to, but the more I try to explane, the less funny it is…