Found an interesting channel on Youtube, called Art documentaries.

The clip I started watching is with Frank Quitely. Something caught my attention on minute 3.09, which I came here to promptly document for the future reference. The thing is this:

This is about focusing and closing in.

This is about focusing…

So, this is about focusing. (Another synchronicity occurring for me today, showing what I am about at this particular moment, and I am loving to be about FOCUSING!) But also, about mental games. The guy in the water is a baddy, who is being captured in a world created by the other guy (behind you!) and kind of inserted into the Baddy’s mind. So, baddy is trapped in a fantasy world of not his making… Cool! I want the other guy’s power!

But for the moment, I just want to insert this idea into my own mind – another way of visualising the focusing. The focus. The layers of creation. The closing in on something. The creative process going from general to specific, from overall picture to details. This is IMPORTANT. And I am loving the process.

I’ll try it out on something simple, and not so simple later on.

Thanks, Frank!