My done list

October 17, 2014

done-listDONE lists are more important than TO DO lists.

They are better for you, more productive, more uplifting and generally nicer.


Perhaps I’ll make that the one and only ting to do on my TO DO list – to write a DONE list at the end of the day…



My DONE list for today is already long, and it is only… wow… 11.11.44am! Cool!

  1. Made lunch for Alina (Last night)
  2. showered
  3. got dressed
  4. made fresh juice
  5. made delicious luxurious Moccas for my mother, husband and myself
  6. hoovered downstairs
  7. opened up the gallery
  8. wrote a new post on my blog
  9. researched DONE lists vs TO DO lists
  10. appreciated myself for accomplishing a huge deal last few months, last two weeks, today!
  11. had my delish Mocca!
  12. measured my waist and confirmed to myself that I lost another centimeter off it for the last two weeks! Appreciated myself for accomplishing that.
  13. Added some new media files to my blog.
  14. Yuppie!

Fashion Apprentice

April 5, 2013

I am getting into fashion apprenticeship. This is my first tutor – Mademoiselle Robot.

Laetitia Wajnapel

Chikens for sale!

February 25, 2012

Our�chickens�lost their garden. Sad face. So, they’ve got to go. Sad face. They go with the Omlet’s mobile fence. Hens are �10 each and the cockerel comes free. The fence is �70 (originally �99)

Hens: Poland bantams Blacky and Pom-Pom, silver laced�wyandott Ice, Pekin bantams Chub and Vic. Cockerel Feisty.

They are all 9 months old, Vic has been laying eggs December and January and now is having a rest. The rest of the hens are to start laying any day now. The cockerel crows, but being a bantam, he isn’t that loud.

He is related to the Poland hens, so the there of them aren’t supposed to breed. They came as eggs from the Rear Breeds Centre in Kent

Poland bantam cockrell and hen

Poland bantam cockrell and hen

Mezzotint copper plate

The Matrix

A friend of mine, Lesley Samms, sent me a link at the end of December to apply for the “Show Me The Monet” BBC series on art which I did. And forgot about it.

Last week nice voice by the name of Nel phoned and we had a great chat – that was the second stage of selection. So, from 3000 it went down to 300, and after the telephone conversation another 150 of the applicants went in a puff of smoke. But I survived. And that’s why…

Tomorrow I am going to Shepherds Bush for an interview. After that only a quater of the remaining 150 artists will make it to the final exhibition. Wish me luck!

Mezzotint plate for the portrait of Eve Delf.

Me and The Matrix

I’ll have to produce a proof of my identity and a proof of my authorship for the artwork I submitted. I thought I’d do the latter in a blog form to save myself lagging stuff around London and also illuminate briefly on my way of working on a mezzotint portrait.

It started last Autumn. I was again thinking about a getting a new model on my quest for a remarkable face, and remembered Eve – a pretty girl of about 14-15. I contacted her mom Angela, asking if Eve would be interested to sit for me and if Angela herself wouldn’t mind. “Yes” was the answer and one day after that they came to the gallery.

Sketch drawing of Eve Delf

Sketch drawing of Eve Delf

Eve was 15, slim, nearly 6 foot tall and beautiful beyond words. I didn’t expect all this when I was asking and certainly got more than I bargained for. It turned out as well, that Eve has just been signed up by a modelling agency after an unexpected turn of events.

We had a couple of sessions in my studio with Eve. I was photographing and drawing. We talked about this and that. And so, at the end I had about 800 photos, a few video clips and several quick sketches.

The next stage is brooding. Brooding, brooding. Looking through the materials: photos and clips. (I am still to figure out how to make use of videos…)

Fibonacci spiral

Fibonacci spiral

During that time, I re-visited the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci spiral ideas and thought about composition.

A few photos emerged as possibilities. Then I photoshopped them into something I wanted the mezzotints look like. Trying them with bands of colour, cropping etc.



So, here is the photo of Eve which was the base for the print. What attracted me to this particular one out of the 800 others is the geometry of the lines formed by the hair on the forehead, outline of the face, hand and arm.

The face is peaceful, at the same time there is a subtle smile. It hints towards thoughts which cannot be seen, cannot be known, but they are the most important element. They create the dynamics of the whole picture. So, the picture is very static here, but there is motion created by the underlying geometry of the composition and by the subtle expression f the face.

Eve Delf - 2

Eve Delf - 2

Next stage – cropping. I decided to take the Golden Ratio proportions and Fibonacci spiral to base the composition on. Why? To tie together proven classical references and rules (one way or another they run a lot of human programming in terms of how we perceive art) in order  to create an iconic image.

In a way, I am after something as iconic as Mona Lisa, and some references to that portrait are also incorporated into Eve’s mezzotint. All that laid on the powerful chiaro-scuro effect of the technique itself is bound to create a remarkable image.

Eve Delf - 1

Eve Delf - 1

The road is marked. Now, all that is left to do is to actually make it. Simple 🙂

I ordered two large plates to Martin Maywood. Not long before that we talked and he said he was able to rock much bigger plates now. That’s why I could plan a more ambitious project – size-wise as well as in other ways. 75-46cm plate is quite large for a mezzotint. Got the plates some time in February or March. The next 4-5 months were spent in burnishing. And that’s it.

Many hundreds of hours and several stage proofs later I had two beautiful portraits of Eve Delf. Well, also a series of hands with an apple and a trio of smaller plates picturing fragments of Eve’s beautiful face.

PS. I’ve never watched the program itself, as we haven’t got a television in the house. I might leave it that way to make it more exciting 🙂

Framed portrait of Eve Delf and the matrix plate

Matrix and the framed print

Болтали с Максом. Я ему говорю, “А я вчера стишок накрапала ни с того, ни с сего. Прикинь!” , и послала ему вчерашнее. А он мне говорит, “Я тоже”, и послал мне свой (смотри ниже). “Это такая творческая эрекция у нас” – он говорит. Замеча-а-а-тельно! Я целиком и полностью за эрекцию во всех ее проявлениях!

Нет, она слишком возвышенна.

Слишком возвышенна чтобы думать.

Чтобы думать о корове.

О какой-то там корове.

Которая, к тому же, умерла.

Тем более не оставила детям молока.

Она слишком возвышена, чтобы думать о детях.

О молоке,

О корове,

О детях,

Которых поить

Молоком коровы

Уже на завтрак.



Она сидит на краю пропасти в бесконечность

Заглядывает внутрь себя

И размышляет о Целом.

О своем.

О целом своем внутреннем мире.

О целой Вселенной, которая внутри нее загадочно мерцает прекрасными туманностями и чуть потрескивает метеоритами.


В крайнем случае

Она бы могла подумать о всех детях мира,

О всех коровах мира,

О всем молоке мира,

Будь она хоть чуть-чуть более приземленной.


Максим Бондаренко 

22 августа 2009, Москва


Его стихотворение было спровоцированно здесь: Очевидно там речь идет о скульптуре. Я не видела, потому что я не член, меня не пустили. А я вчера была под впечатлением стиля Umaturman, когда на меня нашло вдруг, а тема как всегда моя любимая – смерть и боги.

А Уматурман мне очень понравилась. Напомнила американских Sparks. Тем, что два брата – само собой, но также иронией. Правда американцы конечно гораааздо… Hard Core. Гротескнее. Театральнее. Эктремальнее.

А все же Уматурман мне понравилась.

А потом зашла я на ЖЖ к Максу, а там у него такое! Такое стихотворение! Вот оно:

Если запрокинуть голову
и смотреть снизу вверх
на медленно,
медленно падающий
крупный снег,
то может показаться
бог знает что.

Но снег падает на глаза
и тут же тает.

И начинает казаться,
что ты плачешь,
тихо плачешь холодными слезами,
безутешно плачешь,
стоя под снегом,
трагически запрокинув голову.
И начинает казаться,
что ты глубоко,
глубоко несчастен.

Для счастливых
это одно удовольствие.

Геннадий Алексеев



November 11, 2008

Mary Oliver – Praying

Posted: 10 Nov 2008 08:52 AM CST

by Mary Oliver

It doesn’t have to be
the blue iris, it could be
weeds in a vacant lot, or a few
small stones; just
pay attention, then patch

a few words together and don’t try
to make them elaborate, this isn’t
a contest but the doorway

into thanks, and a silence in which
another voice may speak.

— from Thirst: Poems, by Mary Oliver


I think I’ll take the advice.

The dream I had this night:

I am with the children, and we are somewhere in a bog park. At some stage I get separated from the others, but no worried, and stay with Alina. We bought tickets for a show, and were looking for our sits. It looked as if people were occupyingany available sits as they came. I was trying to spot and get a better sit, but in doing do we failed, as it turned out, that somebody always already claimed the attractive ones. In the end someone ushered me with Alina to the sits on the upper tiers. We went in that direction, but as we were approaching them, they changed in appearance, as everything does in the dreams. Now we were facing a kind of rocky terraces, where one have to climb risking one’s life, and then perch on the top. The situation wasn’t helped by fragile china plates, which for some reason all the spectators were given to take to their sits. And of course, Alina was struggling to climb that high up, being a 4-year-old. I felt a little sorry for her, but at the same time didn’t try to help too much. And so, we were scrambling up and managed to get to the top of our tier, only to find out, that the ledge we were suppose to sit on was too narrow, about 20 cm wide. I looked back, and sow the Alina trying to climb up along the vertical wall of very rough stone-work, thinking that when she is up here, there will be nowhere even to sit safely. Somehow, she managed to get on the ledge, but by this time I gave up on the whole thing, being frustrated and hopeless, and daunted by the prospective of getting down from this place to safety with a little child, china plate and other things a mother always has to carry about, like water, jackets, etc… I felt like throwing the plate down to smash into pieces, but thought of other people mulling about down below and didn’t.  And somewhere there I woke up…

In the morning everything was much better. I was in my bed and Alina was next to me – safe and untroubled. Eva came upstairs, already dressed and with a toothbrush in her mouth. They are my lovelies, and I want to cry when stop for a minute to feel how real they are, how precious. Then the morning went on. Dressing, brushing, breakfasting, combing, and each of us proceeded to climb their own wall again…

In an attemptr to educate myself on matters of art history, I ask people questions now. Today Ros Kats came in and I asked her how her course in the Hastings College of Arts Design and Technology was going on. She said she had to write her diploma, if I remember it right. Her curator advised her to look into the works of the abovementioned people. So. I am gonna do some superficial research too.

Hello world!

November 1, 2008

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