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Robert Bruce Williams

May 9, 2015

Portrait painters: Robert Bruce Williams
Source: World of Portrait Painting

Robert Bruce Williams

Robert Bruce Williams

Thick Paint

May 2, 2015

And sometimes I simply want to throw paint thickly onto a surface and see how it looks. Why not?

Still Life with Onions. Oil on canvas. Marina Kim


And play with the colours.

Still Life with Dandelions in a Puter Jug

Dandelions in a Puter Jug

And with the shadows and the light.

Still life with Daffodils by artist Marina Kim


And not to think.

Still life with Tulips in a Jar by artist Marina Kim

Tulips in a Jar

And not to care about the objects of my attention but use them as an excuse to throw paint onto a surface.

Still life "Posy in a Tea Pot" by artist Marina Kim

Posy in a Tea Pot

And not to explain anything to anyone… At all. Like words never even existed.

I can’t see art channel becoming anywhere near as popular as cute kittens and funny accidents, but getting art on Youtube is definitely a must. An article about such plans on New York Times blog.


Joining its hometown industry and betting on the success of YouTube’s new initiative to promote original content, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles announced that it would start an online video channel in July featuring news and talk-show programming, among other art-focused shows.

Frank Kern

Frank Kern

One thing lead to another, as usual, and I found myself a new beacon, icon, head-figure, an example to learn from – Frank Kern. Beats Will Smith in MiB, Piers Brosnan as James Bond and Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow any day.

“To be a successful leader, you must always be yourself. Be intentional about shaping your life according to your values and priorities. Trust yourself, believe in yourself, and be honest with yourself. Others will then trust, believe, and be honest with you. It is this foundation which enhances personal power. Excellent team leaders establish healthy open relationships with others. They foster mutual commitment in the pursuit of shared goals. Effective leadership is founded on cooperation never coercion…” (Pinched from a dedicated fan (!!!) site)

Through my wandering to” I don’t know where, searching for I don’t know what” I found a great distraction (yet another one!) – GhostWriterDad blog. Actually, I am going through Sean’s free ebook (you can find it on his blog), which is refreshingly different from tons of BS abundant on the Net.

Well, I hope to accumulate enough of the information through all those distraction to kick-start me on some grand path of my own. That’s the idea. Meanwhile, it is such a pleasure to read about the struggles and victories of the others!

Mixed media original print by Margaret van Patten

"Paper Thin"

While looking for artists working in mezzotint, found an amazing art by an artist Margaret van Patten.

Paper Thin
photo by Harold Hutchinson
Etching with mezzotint

The image is rich in content – messages from conscious and subconscious levels merge in an emotional and elegant manner. The technical diversity the artist applied to creating the plate makes for a complex yet un-crowded image.

Love her work!

“Thank you for being a loyal reader and supporter of ReelSEO.” – said the top line of today’s newsletter, but to me it read like “Thank you for being a royal leader and supporter of ReelSEO. Well, my pleasure, say I. Or say We.

Because REEL SEO newsletter is my favourite of all newsletters that I am subscribed to so far. I am subscribed to three newsletters so far. And out of those three REEL SEO’s newsletter is my favourite. By far. There.


Found this video of a Japanese mezzotint artist. Curious, how a technique developed by a Eropean became so Eastern. It is slow, meditative, withdrawn, laborious, solitary. And that’s why I love it.


March 22, 2009

An hour ago I was sitting on my potty and staring at the tiny spot on the bathroom rug. It is plain cotton, off-white, at the moment moderately clean rug from IKEA.  As it often happens, the patters of the surface, specks and all, formed into something definable. (For instance, when I lived in Tashkent, on the toilet door frame the shadows of the dents on the wood formed into a Lenin’s face…). Sooo. Yes, the pattern on the rug created an animal. So cute and real it’s features were, that I draughted it immediately on the sketch-pad.

Went on working. (BTW, I just bought this SBI! thing on the net and am in the process of going through the manual. More on it later). After a while walked around the bed… Glanced at the sketch… Eureka! The winner! I am going to make it a character of a highly popular, immensely monetizable series of books!

I can see, you are skeptical. I can hear your “yeah, right…” Well, that’s up to you. But you see, that’s just how the brilliant ideas happen – you have a period of high concentration, most likely preceded by a period of uncertainty and glum. You get to the stage of near-exhaustion, and then – BAM! – you get The Brilliant Idea!

Note to myself: Remember that for my future biographers’ information… Actually, I’ll turn it into a category – FFBI! No, better “For My FBI…”