October 24, 2013

Alina asked me if I knew what acrostic was. I didn’t. (I had an idea, but wasn’t entirely sure, as usual…) She asked Daddy, Daddy, of course, knew. I listened in on what he said, and that confirmed my idea, so, basically I knew (as always!) but wasn’t certain (as ususal!) Two glasses of wine were a potent enough source of inspiration and I decided to make one up (to prove the point to everyone…). So, I did. The result left Alina undecided, Daddy politely saying “very nice” (typical Englishman, and that’s why I love him), and Eva quickly reading it, pointing out misspellings, tossing it aside and getting back to her digital socialising. But I LIKE IT! So, here it is:

A bird’s song of the morning woke me up,
Last flakes of slumber blowing off my lids.
If I were you, I’d stay in bed ’till late.
Nothing is sweeter than this last half-hour…
Alight the room with sun, then I’ll consider!

"Artist by the Sea"  Drypoint Marina Kim

Artist By The Sea