Today I focus on a poet John G. Rives. I admire. I love. I amaze at. I want to share this person around, so that everyone can take a little or a lot of him, and that way add more joy, into their lives.

This is what TED says about him:

Flat pages can’t contain Rives’ storytelling, even when paper is his medium. The pop-up books he creates for children unfold with surprise: The Christmas Pop-Up Present expands to reveal moving parts, hidden areas and miniature booklets inside. On stage, his poems burst in many directions, too, exposing multiple layers and unexpected treats: childhood memories, grown-up humor, notions of love and lust, of what is lost forever and of what’s still out there waiting to unfold.

On his Bravo special, Ironic Iconic America, he and costar Bar Rafaeli tour the United States looking for wonderfulness, on “A Roller Coaster Ride Through the Eye-Popping Panorama of American Pop Culture.”

And this is what he says about himself:

And here is something tender and childish, pure and innocent, fluttery and bunny-full…

And just this one more here:

This looks like a door to his web-life, and it leads in many various directions… Take a look at one corner of it: 

And here is another poem: