Art is…

January 19, 2010

Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.

– Andre Gide

Dogon tribe

January 11, 2010


Don’t you wish you were a little plasticine person who gets to live in this enchanting plasticine village when you look at this picture?

A trail of YouTube clips, starting from Australian whales, brought me eventually to an article on Dogon people in Wikipedia. It is extremely interesting.

A few brief facts:

– Dogon people are The Most Positive Tribe of the planet Earth. They are known among the neighbours as Sewa People (Everything is Fine People)

– Women are economically independent from men (their husbands) and the equivalent of a jewelry box in Dogon is the size of a house.

– Man too have their own space for “boy’s only” time. Very wisely, the roof of the building they use for that is made low, so that to prevent fighting, in case a conversation heats up somewhat (below is an example. Isn’t it a fun place to spend afternoons with the mates?)


– Women have 5 days a month off family duties in their “girls only hut”

–  Makes one cringe a bit – both genders undergo a ritual of circumcision…

– The Dogons are very harmony oriented. In their rituals, the men praise the women, the women praise the man, the young appreciate the old and the old appreciate the young!

– In their myths, for apparently millennia Dogons cary knowledge about Sirius star system, which modern science came upon only within the last few decades.

Новое, это хорошо забытое старое.

Простыми средствами можно добиться замечательной выразительности.

Краткость – сестра таланта. (Кротость таланту смерть.)

Ну, а теперь!… Прошу любить и жаловать TotemX – Master of Nothing; bullshitter of the highest caliber!

Или вот это. Название, как говорится, само за себя.


Art and God

January 8, 2010

Like it!

This here is my kind of humor. In general, and in particular the way I feel at the moment…

Darker My Love… said an idiot.

Love this photo!

January 7, 2010

There must be some microclimate in this little paradise of ours, because, while the country is suffering under the whole couple of inches of snow, at least according to the news and rumors, all our toy-town on a hill has is the cute patchy pads of snow on some roofs…  

Nevertheless, we also, as the most of the UK, are blessed with the cancellation of the usual legalised slavery, and the holidays go on.  

Living on the High Street, especially at Summer, when the door of the shop is open during the day, makes our household very open. We almost literally live on the street, with the noises, smells and people entering our lives liberally. For that reason, at Winter, separating ourselves by two doors and the front room from the street, we feel like being enclosed in a warm bubble of cozyness.  

The girls, enjoying being out of school on a day when they normally would be “structurised”, are playing solitaire in the kitchen. The “solitaire for two”. When I come in, Alina is alone, on the chair, bending over, moving the cards on the table, while chewing on something. Upon hearing me, she quickly stands up and assumes the kind of expression, which sais out loud: “I have just done something, which I don’t want you to know about, and now I am pretending that I’ve done nothing, don’t look THAT way”. I jump to her, grab her, and start kissing her all over, saying: “WHAT were you doing, eh?” She giggles, saying, naturally, “Nothing! I’ve been doing nothing!”  

Eva enters through the bathroom door. Stands on her chair. Looks at the cards. At a glance, assessing the picture, she sais calmly: “Ah! Alina has been cheating with the cards. A lot.” “I have,” – is the straightforward answer.  

Girls playing solitaire

"You've been cheating!"