is “because you deserve it”.

It is the 21st century. Women vote, preside, earn living etc, etc for some time now. Yet, if they want to “treat” themselves to a bottle of shampoo or a tub of cream, they have to deserve it. To serve well in other words. To be a good girl.

Girls, you have to be good, if you want that stupid shampoo or whatever, you know. It is not like you want it, you get it. No way! You’ve got to deserve it.

Maybe the advertising industry does attract “all the bright creative and ambitious young people” leaving the rest of the visual arts with the residue, according to Banksy. But if that “because you deserve it” thingy keeps cropping up hundreds of times every day on TV, radio and street boards, then the bright and creative ones are still very thin on the ground even in the advertising industry.

Good thing there is no television in our household. On the other hand, I might have wound up creating a piece of art representing a violently fragmented TV set in a formaldehyde solution, bearing a long and meaningful title…