October 19, 2009

View From My Studio Window

View From My Studio Window

First day in the studio after two weeks break.


Cold big room.

I sit down on the bed, facing the view. NOW…..

… The wind carries yellow leaves past my window. Their unorderly procession adds gayety to the intensely stormy sky. 

The wind gently holds the birds up in the air. They remind me of something… Of what? The feeling. The feeling of being alive and enjoying just that – being alive, which is always revocable, but constantly neglected. Why? Why cannot I share it with everyone? The poignant happiness of the moment, transient and untransferable. Or IS it untransferable?

The bird, flying in the sky, being happy and  unconcerned – does it care about sharing its emotions with anyone?

The leaves, scattering away from the trees, obviously having fun escaping, what do they think of their experience?

Why can’t I stop and enjoy and not care about involving others into the sharing of my experience, and looking around and asking, “Did you see that? Did you notice that? Do you feel what I feel? Feel it with me!” 

Because I am a human?..

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