The power of Words

October 9, 2009

The bakery opposite has a little note stuck to the window:


Imagine cold rainy morning of a little English town. You walk along the High Street, on your way to somewhere dull, feeling unloved, petty change weighing the poket of your coat. You see the note. You see the promise of warmth and care for just a little of your money. You can afford this much of love. You go in and buy the steaming cup and a crusty roll.

A tough Realist caught in one of your weaker moments, you get this: The soup is a thin delusion for 35 pence for a pack of 4, the roll is an ordinary fluffy tastless sponge. Never again! – you swear to yourself and stuff the lot into the bin. Your mood plunged down to the abyss of gloominess, you walk on under the wet, grey sky of the moderate climate.

A sentimental Romantic with interest in spirituality, you get this: The Love and Energy of the World manifested in the form of soup and roll, came to you with the message, that you are not alone. “Aahh” – you sigh, dunking the roll into the steaming fragrant liquid. The world is a friendly place and you are taken care of. Sky-blue mist lies on your eyes, conveniently photoshopping the surroundings, and murmuring “What a wonderful world” you skip on to spread the happiness (or annoy the Realists).

Just a few carefully chosen words and a point of view…