Let’s enjoy something deep and meaningful. Something beautiful and innocent, created with the skill and the soul. 

Today I especially dislike the conceptual and otherwise visual art of today, with the exception of Banksy and book illustration. 

“The thing I hate the most about advertising is that it attracts all the bright, creative and ambitious young people, leaving us mainly with the slow and self-obsessed to become our artists. Modern art is a disaster area. Never in the field of human history has so much been used by so many to say so little.”     Banksy

Here is a nice blog entry about him.

The accidental finding of the previous video led to another one, which reminded me about something I was thinking sometime now and today in connection to my work – the need to have a human presence in a picture. Otherwise it seems meaningless… Why, I do not know.


October 19, 2009

View From My Studio Window

View From My Studio Window

First day in the studio after two weeks break.


Cold big room.

I sit down on the bed, facing the view. NOW…..

… The wind carries yellow leaves past my window. Their unorderly procession adds gayety to the intensely stormy sky. 

The wind gently holds the birds up in the air. They remind me of something… Of what? The feeling. The feeling of being alive and enjoying just that – being alive, which is always revocable, but constantly neglected. Why? Why cannot I share it with everyone? The poignant happiness of the moment, transient and untransferable. Or IS it untransferable?

The bird, flying in the sky, being happy and  unconcerned – does it care about sharing its emotions with anyone?

The leaves, scattering away from the trees, obviously having fun escaping, what do they think of their experience?

Why can’t I stop and enjoy and not care about involving others into the sharing of my experience, and looking around and asking, “Did you see that? Did you notice that? Do you feel what I feel? Feel it with me!” 

Because I am a human?..


Sculpture by a Brazilian artist Nele Azevedo

My perception of success is very rigid: either you are a world-famous superman, or you sweep the streets. And here where the problem comes – my reality is a million light years away from my ambition. Am I just an ordinary person?

I am a very ordinary person. The realization of it suddenly comes as a relief. Not seeing one-self in perspective is a curse. We think, we have some abilities, therefore, we are greater than the others, therefore we must perform on an outstanding level. And here comes the fear of failure and self-doubts to helps us along… to the depression. The other extreme which I find myself falling into is leveling myself with the earth, thinking, that if I am not making it to the top 10, then what’s the point of life. The dividing abyss between success and failure is wide and unforgiving for those, who doesn’t have the whole picture in front of them. And artists, due to their solitary nature of work existence often fall victims of this delusion. Attempting to assess myself and find the right path to success, according to my abilities and nature, I keep swinging from scorching to freezing, and never feeling comfortable. Thank progress for the Internet and blogging. I am rescued from the possible end in a mental house by the technologies.

There is a thingy on the Google, called “artist a day“, which does what it says. You can submit your art yourself, apparently, I haven’t tried. There is some sort of selection. But the stuff which comes up every day is diverse. It helped me to realise, how many artists are there, how many styles, views, opinions, messages… Some times the art featured is pathetic, sometimes it’s wonderful and makes you wonder why This Stuff didn’t make it to the Fame, while something of dubious quality, like … fill in the space, did. And not being The Celebrities of Art makes those wonderful artists just ordinary people.

There are blogs, which are funny, clever, passionate, informative. There are poems, short stories, photographs, illustrations, art critic. All created by ordinary people e i nobody knows them, they are not on the telly or on the front covers of the magazines.

There is a website I found http://www.paperkitefoundation.com/, which is a charity helping a village in the Northern India. Their life position stated on the site resonated within me, I want to help them – 5 or 8 people doing what they can, rather than a huge organization rotating millions. This charity was started by ordinary people. And you know what was really encouraging? There were photos of the team members on the website, and there they are, young, pleasant, with football on the beach, or in the office with a cup of coffee – they are ordinary, like me, like us. They enjoy life and do something nice for the others. Their lives are ordinary lives (as opposed to celebrity lives, with getting drunk, imprisoned, rehabilitated, whisked about the world, adopting a poor child – all of this with the generous helping of quick big money and media attention).

It is fine to be ordinary people. They get to enjoy life, being creative in the ways they like, helping and playing, working and learning.
– Yes, I take it. Wrap it up.  
– Hey, you already got it. You’ve been an ordinary person all along.
– Ah! But now I feel good about it, and THAT makes all the difference

The power of Words

October 9, 2009

The bakery opposite has a little note stuck to the window:


Imagine cold rainy morning of a little English town. You walk along the High Street, on your way to somewhere dull, feeling unloved, petty change weighing the poket of your coat. You see the note. You see the promise of warmth and care for just a little of your money. You can afford this much of love. You go in and buy the steaming cup and a crusty roll.

A tough Realist caught in one of your weaker moments, you get this: The soup is a thin delusion for 35 pence for a pack of 4, the roll is an ordinary fluffy tastless sponge. Never again! – you swear to yourself and stuff the lot into the bin. Your mood plunged down to the abyss of gloominess, you walk on under the wet, grey sky of the moderate climate.

A sentimental Romantic with interest in spirituality, you get this: The Love and Energy of the World manifested in the form of soup and roll, came to you with the message, that you are not alone. “Aahh” – you sigh, dunking the roll into the steaming fragrant liquid. The world is a friendly place and you are taken care of. Sky-blue mist lies on your eyes, conveniently photoshopping the surroundings, and murmuring “What a wonderful world” you skip on to spread the happiness (or annoy the Realists).

Just a few carefully chosen words and a point of view…

What Art is about? I am doing the Big Questions this week…