Forget the time!

May 18, 2009

I am trying to catch the Present.

The book of the week is “The Power of Now”. The main message so far: The past and the future are not real – they are only the mental concepts. They don’t exist as such, outside of our head. The only thing which is real and which exists is The Now. But due to some trickery of our minds we, humans, keep getting trapped in the memories (Past) and the expectations (Future), therefore not paying due attention to the Present, therefore missing the life, the pure and ever-present pleasure of Being.

I came to the studio and tryed to block the thoughts of duty, like having to accomplish that much today and having to work on this and that today… I took my time to organise things, to enjoy being in the studio, touching the paper, feeling the water from the tap. Listening to the sonatas by Bach I moved around the room, looking at the paintings, planning, preparing the tools and materials.

Felt hungry. Got a piece of bread and chewed on it, looking out of the window.

It is very windy today. The white clouds are moving in a flow. They form a motion background for the houses, windows and roofs, with the seagulls on the tops. The music is of the same tempo – everything is moderato… I stay behind the glass, feeling the warmth of the sun on me, looking at the picture. The seagulls get into the air one by one. They stay there, having spread their wings, lightly swaying… I look at one of them.  All of a sudden, I understand, that it does it for no other reason, but the pleasure! Pure pleasure of being in the air, effortlessly and aimlessly, turning its heads here and there, seeing. Just seeing.

The time and the clouds were moving by, and the seagull just floated on the stream of air. The time and the places are moving by, and I stay, seeing. And feeling. Nothing else matters – only this. And then I go and create something about it 🙂

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