April 9, 2009

What we are tying to do – the new parents – is to raise a new breed of children, who can see beyond the differences, who are not burdened with the formulas, who know the true value of the words.We are trying to discover new values for us to live by, and to pass them onto our children. But we don’t want them to turn those values into dogmas, no. We want our children to take them as a beginning of their own search for the truth and take it further.

The key to it is information. In any form, through any media. The humanity have realised by now, that violence doesn’t do it. The change imposed on someone with however good intentions doesn’t do any good, nor it lasts much beyond the life-span of the force which did it. The change comes from within every one of us.


The racial differences, I thought, will be sorted, once all of the human breeds intermixed and became one wonderful hot-pot of colours. But no. One can always find ways to discriminate, if that’s what one wants for the reinforcement of one’s own security.

We can all become same – same income, clothes, opportunities?.. That I grew up with, and I know, as well as many others know – it doesn’t work.

The religions turned out to be the vehicles for hatred and violence. They might be an escape for some, but not the solution.

So, what?

The information. About us – how we are different and yet all human beings. How we are shaped into our odd appearances by the values which are no longer true, misunderstandings and luck of knowledge. And through this information we will hopefully come to understanding, that these outer attributes of ours are not our true-selves. And with this understanding will hopefully come tolerance, which is not a condescending. Love which is not a sentimentality.

The amazing fact is that it is happening. It is happening.