New mezzotints

March 19, 2009



I’ve spent the last two weeks at the printmaking studio. Made a few attempts at monoprinting… Too raw. I am not confident enough with this technique yet. But it’ll change, given time. At Brenda’s studio…

However, the time wasn’t wasted at all. I am rather pleased with my 6 new mezzotints.

I asked Martin Maywood to send me random little pieces of the pre-rocked plates. He found 4. It is often very helpful to work within limits of what you have. In this case, the sizes of the plates dictated the choice of the themes and compositions. And it worked well.

The first image is a rose. Or rather two…

The “Garlic” is another recurring theme, which is no wonder, considering I am somewhat Korean 🙂



The next two images are a new line in my imagery. Lately, the trees and woods have been in my focus. I am trying various techniques on this topic… Here is a mezzotint approach: “December” and “The Clearing”.

I am particularly pleased with the way “The Clearing” came out. There is quite a lot going on in the image. It indicates my going beyond (finally!!!)  simple one-plane images
"The Clearing"
“The Clearing”

. Besides, the picture contains people, which is always a positive thing for me!


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