A Tale about Difference

March 19, 2009

18 February 2009


In my dream, a succession of events brought me to realisation, that I am in an altered state of mind.


I was at the vet’s. With a flower?.. With memories about a dog?.. The vet was someone I knew, but couldn’t place. The place was somewhere I knew, but it was cleaner and the furniture got changed about. By saying “furniture” I mostly mean a huge white bath, a sink and a chair. There must have been a table, which was meant to be an operating table, although it looked like an ordinary dining one. I must have addressed him with my problem. He said: – “Operate!”, and I placed the object I came with on the table and walked out into the waiting room.




opposite, but I can’t remember what. It was assumed, that they had to look after their objects. The other girl, who is sharp and capable and cold, takes good care of her cure, and that is commended in a tale. The girl with a flower is careless. She is happy, light-feet. Her mind doesn’t keep still, focusing on the things. She doesn’t really know how to look after her flower and doesn’t care to find out. She hooks the carnation on the nail in the wall and drifts onto other fun things to do. The flower withers. The voice telling the story says: “The flower has died, but the cure stayed on.”And I woke up.


The words I highlighted here are funny incidents of synchronicity (???), I guess? There are Alice and Nadia in the study, watching a documentary about Eva Brown and Hitler. They are chatting. I am typing this, and at the very moment I was typing the word “opposite”, Nadia exclaimed “opposite” in the context of their conversation. The moment I was typing “look after”, Alice said with an emphasis “to look after”… Funny J





All of this was happening in my altered state, of which I was aware and rather enjoying it. The Objects and people around me were extra sharp and colourful, but all was happening in a slightly “through a mist” way, or rather as if I were in a thin bubble, which amplified the way I perceived things but distanced me from them.


In a waiting room there were other people. I sat down on a wooden bench. The room was dark, with an atmosphere of a dry cellar about it. I sat and listened, because some time earlier a tale has started being told to me in my mind. No one else in the room was able to hear it and see it happening. So, I was dreaming, and seeing myself day-dreaming and seeing a fairy tale being told to me. Now I am awake, and trying to recover the story…

There was a girl, who was cured by love. She had a flower (carnation?) as a token of her cure (love). There was another girl, a cure for whom was something different, even






One Response to “A Tale about Difference”

  1. This is a nice entry. I have had such a similar occurrence with the altered state of perception where everything was seen “through a a mist” and my perception was all determined in rings flowing outward. I wrote a couple entries about it on my blog. This occurred for a few days and all I did was write a piece when I got to university in the morning before classes. It was a nice start to my day. The blog post I am refering to is called “over analyzing” http://jordanreilly.wordpress.com/2008/08/21/over-analysing/

    and then my more recent post was a follow on from that perception as it has penetrated a deeper level of consciousness. http://jordanreilly.wordpress.com/

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