Vast majority of the contemporary art pieces are all about technicalities of making art. The most used word in the artist’s statements is “fascinated”. Artists keep being fascinated by aspects of this and that. With the diversity of the materials and techniques available at the moment, it is probably necessary to have lots of people going into the fields exploring the craft side of the making art. But the actual point of art is not in making it, but in conveying through it The Message. The true artist is the one who has a message to pass onto the humanity, and the technical side of doing it shouldn’t be an obstacle, but neither should it be the objective of the exercise. 

At the times and places of ideological dogmatism it was much easier – you either convey the dominating idea of the state, or you go against it. In the environment where everything is possible and nothing is forced upon an artist, it is the hardest task of all – to find your own ideology, conscience, message…

New nature

December 2, 2008

They say “nature inspires my art”. Yeah, only nature has changed. Paintng the old-fashioned nature is not in vougue. Current Nature is very urban in it’s looks.