Looking, still looking…

November 25, 2008

This morning another update from Poetry Chaikhana came in, and reminded me about the unity, which I never experienced. I just had a glimpse of what it should be like, and was turned away.

Niyazi Misri – Now No Trace Remains

Ivan M. Granger November 24th, 2008

Now No Trace Remains
by Niyazi Misri

English version by Jennifer Ferraro & Latif Bolat

I thought that in this whole world
      no beloved for me remained.

Then I left myself.
      Now no stranger in the world remains.

I used to see in every object a thorn
      but never a rose–

the universe became a rose garden.
      Not a single thorn remains.

Day and night my heart
      was moaning “Ahhh!”

I don’t know how it happened–
      now no “Ahhh” remains.

Duality went, Unity came.
      I met with the Friend in private;

The multitude left, the One came.
      Only the One remains.

Religion, piety, custom, reputation–
      these used to matter greatly to me.

O Niyazi — what has happened to you?
      No trace of religion now remains.

Artists are people, who are walking along the thin line between enlightenment and ordinarity. And the torment of being an artist is in wanting to step to the side of the light, still not doing it, because I think once you are there, in the light, you don’t want to create. You stop being an artist.  You become content with yourself and with everything.

So, then. I still want to be tormented, don’t I? I want to be an artist, to create?

– Then be it, while you can! Time is running out, and you are still nowhere.