Gallery ideology – no ideology

November 20, 2008

These were very shaky few months for me – rushing here and there, pressing all sorts of buttons with all sorts of unexpected and half-expected consequences.

What I’ve learned:

1. Have to try and think at least one and a half steps ahead, although it is so hard for my nature.

2. Don’t go against your nature, go with it, and REALLY GO with it. ( In conjunction with the point number one, does it mean, that I don’t have to think ahead? Maybe. Maybe really what I need to do is to succumb to all my impulses and rush about making mistakes at twice the speed? Interesting idea…)

3. My nature is extremely independent. I never fitted into any collective activity, unless short term and under my initiative. Hence, the exhibitions I am to organise, will have to be a one off projects without further obligations. The main purpose of the exhibitions I am going to organise in the future is to self-express my own views on art at that particular moment in my life.

4. Involving lots of people in the affairs of my gallery is NOT a good idea, due to my inexperience of working in a team, and with people in general. However, I am good at establishing a stable decent one-on-one relationships. Which means, I can find a person, whom I will be comfortable with, who could do many things in the gallery instead of me. A PA!

5. The way to go with the gallery at the moment I see like this: Promote it like a home-gallery. Life of the gallery and my own life – family and all, are one. The art and the gallery are my tools of exploring life. The metaphor of life. The activity through which I live life. I am not an expert in history of art, I am not a connoisseur of art. What I know most is, the struggle of an artist to self-express. And that’s what I am talking about through the art I make as well as exhibit in my gallery. And of course, it is very limited and personal point of view – my point of view from where-ever I stand at that particular moment of my life. And life is change. Life is movement. What I want to say today is going to be left behind, forgotten, in a year’s time. The fellow-travellers of today are going to take other routs tomorrow. And that is to be accepted as inevitable flow of the river, called life.

Look at the gallery as at another canvas. Another medium for self-expression. The works of other artists, the crafts, the natural objects, books, poetry, music – anything and everything – are just paints on my pallet. Use it to express what you want to say about life today.

That brings in a completely new concept of an art gallery. It is a boutique of a person/artist, like a brand, like a life-style. I am a brand, I am a life-style. At the moment it is very row, looking immature and a mess. Starting from now, I will have to work on defining myself as a brand, as a life-style.

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