Let people die!

November 11, 2008

Why people keep trying to keep people alive? There was this article on BBC today about a girl of 13 with a heart condition, who refused an operation. The operation was very risky, might not have worked, and even if it worked, she’d be destined for the life on medications afterwords. She wants to die with dignity, the parents accepted her wish.  And do they care less for her than the child protection or whatever institution which went to court to force that operation upon the girl?

The other day a friend of mine, a doctor herself, told me the story. Her father was in the hospital after an operation. My friend was visiting him, and watched the drama of resurrecting a 103-year-old patient, who died once, but was brought back to life, stubbornly insisted on her ground and died second time around. The doctors couldn’t resurrect her again. My friend’s comment was, that the doctors try to protect themselves against the patients more than try to cure them. In this case that would be the 82-year old daughter of the 103-year-old patient who could place a claim, that the doctors didn’t try hard enough…

Let people die!

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